Summer Has Come To Budapest!

It took a long time, but finally, summer has arrive dot the Hungarian capital! The weather is once again good, the sun is shining, and the people are showing their best sides. Summer is really the best time to come to Budapest, as it gets extremely hot, the water that is abundant in this city offers a good way to cool down, and as this is an old European city that has not yet been rebuilt to cater to modern needs, there is plenty of stuff to do outdoors and all of it is approachable on foot and on bike, meaning more time outside, soaking in the sunshine.


Implications for medical tourism

Sunshine provides us with bountiful amounts of vitamin D, which helps us heal and regain our strength. Moving about in the great outdoors on a light hike (which Budapest is literally the perfect city for) will oxygenate our blood, get the immune system energized, and of course soak up the aforementioned D vitamins. Light hikes should not trigger pain responses and should not harm the healing process, but should invigorate you and tire you out. Once you are nice and tired, you should sleep for as long as you possibly can, this way helping with the healing process. Remember, your body heals best when it is unconscious, during your sleep cycles.


Indoor activities

But going out is not necessary. Open all the windows to let a nice breeze in, have the sunlight enter your room and stay in if you don’t feel up for it. Rest a little on a balcony or a terrace with the sun shining down on you and relax and take in the air as you rest and allow your body to do its best. There is plenty of indoor stuff to do as always, and most places have air conditioning or at least a fan, making the indoor stuffy heat bearable.

What to be aware of

Hungary is a very windswept and dry area, but also traps a lot of moisture, and has high rainfall relative to the countries around it. This is due to the fact that the entirety of the country lies within the Carpathian basin, which is basically like a giant pool surrounded by mountains. The air is very dry, which is good, because that makes it less conducive to bacteria and to infections. However, it also means that you must make sure that you do not dry out, and if you have an extraction site or implantation site, that your blood clot does not dry up either. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, as this dry heat will have you body craving more water than what you may be used to. Use sun screen as well, as the suns rays are quite undiluted, and are pretty intense, and the decades of communist heavy industry did not do too much good for the ozone layer either.

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