The Biggest Graffitti Event In Budapest

For years the problem of fire walls being ugly, decayed and falling apart has been a big problem in Budapest. Like most cities, the Hungarian capital is teeming with life, new buildings are built, old ones destroyed, and many times the old fire walls are left in place, like a sore thumb. This aesthetic problem has prompted a new generation of artists to use their creativity and find a solution. The obvious one is street art.

color city

Színes város

“Színes város”, or “colourful city” in Hungarian is a series of events aimed at making the city more beautiful through the use of street art. Artists from all over the world are flocking to Budapest to get a chance to legally paint and embellish these enormous blank areas. The event has been made many times, and this summer it has grown up to become a sort of cultural event that will span many weeks, spanning from August 15th to September 19th. Many different kinds of events will be hosted and promoted through this program; slam poetry competitions, graffiti workshops, dances, concerts, live music and even lounge days where you can get a chance to speak to the artists.


Strongbow cider has become the main sponsor for this event that until now had no sponsors at all. We are very grateful that a company has decided to take up this project and help fund it. The main idea behind these events is to get artists to pain the glaring and unattractive fire walls with beautiful pictures, and for amateur filmmakers, ad men and other people involved in making short films to capture the actual process on film, and to then make a presentable, enjoyable short film of the entire picture.

Related events

Although the main event is the painting itself, there will be many shows, events and concerts that are linked with the main event. Many Hungarian bands, like Irie Maffia, Quimby and others will be putting on shows in support of this event, donating and even sponsoring certain projects. But foreign bands, like Infected Mushroom will also hold a gig in order to help promote this great artistic endeavour.  Look at their website and see what kinds of events are going on, I am sure that everyone can find something that interests them.   

What: Graffitti festival with many linking events 
When: 15th August- 19th September
Where: All over the 7th district

Image: 1.

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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