The Cost of an All On Four

Upon getting the final amount for dental implant supported dentures, many people recoil in shock. There are clearly many things that the average patient does not think about that affect price, and this is natural, as not all of us are dental professionals. But to avoid confusion, allegations of cheating and other such calamities, here is an article detailing all of the things you may need to pay for, that will drive the price up.


The dental implants

Dental implants are not cheap by any measure, and you are probably getting at least four of them, if you are getting dental implant supported dentures. There may even be six of them to replace an entire arch, and this is going to be quite costly. Dental implants also need abutments, which connect the dental implant to the visible portion of the denture, which is the bridge of dental crowns it will be holding. These abutments also cost money, and need to be made of the same material that the dental crowns are made of, which means that if you are getting premium dental implants, then you must zirconium abutments, which are again, more expensive.

The denture

The denture will either come with a special click bar or some other kind of abutment between the dental implants and the row of crowns that they will be holding in place. This click bar costs money, it needs to be made especially for you, and it will drive costs up. The denture itself is made up of a row of crowns, and depending on what materials these crowns are made of, the price can vary considerably. Traditional metal based crowns will cost less than all porcelain or zirconium crowns, for example, but the dentist may be recommending zirconium, because they look better and are the most appropriate to replace front teeth (usually, dentists will have the front six replaced with zirconium or all porcelain, and the back ones with traditional).


There are some other things that can influence the price of treatment. For example, if your bones have been gone for a long time, and need to be strengthened to be able to house dental implants, then you will need to get bone grafts, which will add a considerable amount to the final price. You may also need to get hygiene treatments, root canals and fillings before you can get your dental crowns, and these preliminary treatments will also cost you additional money.  

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