The Cost of NOT Replacing Missing Teeth

A dental implant is not a cheap thing at all, and the procedure is also quite intense and requires multiple visits and disruptions to your schedule and life in general. For many patients, getting dental implants means a significant financial sacrifice, one that seems difficult to justify. Small wonder that many patients, especially those of us who work for a living, feel that we simply cannot afford to get dental implants. The real question though, is whether you can afford not to replace your missing teeth. Here are some of the consequences and the costs of not replacing teeth that have been extracted and are no longer in the mouth.

Tooth loss

When tooth is missing, the rest of the teeth near it tend to start loosening and tooth loss as a condition will set in. This means that your teeth will come loose and start to fall out. This is an extremely time and money consuming process, as many less effective attempts (ultimately futile of course) will need to be had to stabilise as much of your teeth as possible. Then you will be thinking of getting dentures or partial bridges, which are also not cheap. And this is where we enter another problem.

Another set of dentures

Dentures need to be refitted and redone, as well as bridges. The amount of money you will spend periodically getting a new denture will add up to be several times the cost of a dental implant, which you will only have to purchase once. If you get dental implant treatment while you still have just one tooth missing, you will push the costs of having a tooth replaced down to a minimum. That single dental implant will stabilise your alveolus, which means no shifting and changing, and will ensure the health of that quadrant of teeth for a long time.

Tooth loss can lead to a lack of confidence

Loss of confidence

Having visible missing teeth is a sign of poverty and oafishness in our modern society. If you have missing teeth, you are far less likely to do well on a job interview, to apply for certain jobs or opportunities because of a lack of confidence in your appearance, and you may experience increased difficulty in getting a partner. These all have negative health ramifications, and will all cost you money in the long run, and will cause you to lose money you could be getting in the long run.      

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