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The Difference Between ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’

The medical tourism market is far from saturated, but it has expanded rapidly in the past few years, and is now a source of serious income for many countries. It has outgrown itself into a true industry, and with any industry, there is a serious amount of competition. This means that many medical tourism companies are willing to give breaks and special treatment in order to entice customers, which is great news for patients, as now there is a wide pool of eager candidates to choose from. While the industry has been around long enough that most companies are perfectly serviceable, there are still quite a few things that separate the truly outstanding companies from those that are just good, or good enough to get by. Here are some of the things that separate such companies.



In a hospital setting, the nurses and the doctors do rounds, meaning they go and see all of their patients once or twice or however many times a day. This makes the patient feel good, and makes them feel catered to and safe. This can be done by medical tourism companies as well. Even if nothing is wrong, a truly great company will take the time to call you once or twice a day, to see if everything is okay, and to ask if you need anything; be it information, a good tip on where to go, an ice pack, medical care, painkillers, or anything at all. Truly outstanding companies will give a phone and a representative ot the patient that checks up on the patient, instead of just seeing them at the appointment and not contacting them at all during the healing period.



There is nothing more disheartening than being kept in the dark, or being given hurried little snippets of information, instead of a nice steady talk. As a patient, you should be able to ask any and all questions, and get satisfactory answers that you can understand. Good communication skills are vital in this, and your doctor has to speak your language well enough for you to be able to converse with him or her. If you are not allowed to ask questions, or are not given ample answers to the questions you have, then you are being given a subpar service. Even if your representative or nurse does not know the answer, they should go and find someone who does, and get back to you with the information that you wanted.


Although a well established and successful business will have a way they like to do things, and will have a well established routine, the doctors and nurses should customize your treatment and your experience to fit with your needs. This means you should be able to get food you like, feel safe and all of your special needs should be taken into consideration. The establishment should be lenient enough to go out of their way for their patients, especially if it is a question of health related issues.

These three aspects are what a truly great company should have. Feel free to ask your medical tourism provider about these, and keep these in mind when you are choosing a medical tourism agency to go with.

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