The Gellért Hill

The Gellért hill is a beautiful hill on the Buda side, and is part of the Buda hills. It is located at the foot of the Chain bridge, and has a ton of interesting facilities on it that are worth checking out, our version of the statue of liberty, a spa and one of the best places to go hiking inside the city. This 139 meter tall mini dolomite mountain is a natural wonder, and has been dubbed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, because of the unique Citadel and the view of Budapest that is absolutely superb. The warm thermal waters underneath this Pleistocene structure, and the warm thermal lake that can be found inside of it also make it unique. The following can be found on the Gellért Hill:


The Citadel

Built as a monument to oppression after the 1848 revolution to remind the Hungarians of their place within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, The Citadel is a fortress that is unique in the world because of its shape and the way it was built. Many tours go here, and it is considered one of the must see monuments of Budapest.

Statue Of Liberty

One of the last still standing and largely intact communist relics, the statue of liberty holds an enormous laurel above its head which used to have a giant red star on it, but is now empty. The statue is surrounded by smaller statues, and was originally a monument to the glorious Red Army, and was meant to symbolize the final struggle of the workers to overthrow the ruling class. Today it is simply an optimistic monument to progress and perseverance, and a reminder of the sordid past of this country.

Cave Church

The Church Of The Sacred Heart is located at the bottom of the Gellért Hill, and is a beautiful church cut into the living rock of this ancient formation. A cave has been marginally changed to become a church, together with a pulpit of stone, beautiful chapels to saints, and great acoustics. This church is not mainly a tourist attraction, and mass is held here quite frequently, so be very respectful if you go here.


The foot of the Gellért hill is home to one of the largest spa resorts in the world. This spa resort has a hotel, many different kinds of pools in which the healing thermal waters are sued in playful ways, an awesome restaurant, and even an outside pool.  

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