The Importance Of Being Specific

When travelling abroad for medical tourism, it is of utmost importance that you be specific, and that goes double for your health care provider. An agency booking flights, accommodations and clinics to provide affordable dental treatment abroad needs to be able to provide specific information to the patient about such important topics as


-          where they will be staying

-          how much the treatment costs

-          what city and in what country the host will be visiting

-          possibly even information about the city they stay in

Do your research

But aside from providing this information, it is important that the patient also do some research. You, as a patient should be told what you need, and you should look up what that treatment is, what it entails, and you should be able to ask any and all questions you may have form the agency or from the dentist who will be providing the treatment for you.


Also extremely important is for you to know as much as possible about the place you are visiting before you go. Your agency should be able to tell you more than jus “you are going to Eastern Europe”. Which country in Eastern Europe, and most importantly, what city? It is best if you get to know what area in said city you will be in, to get an idea of where you can go, what you can do, and where you will be recovering from your dental treatment abroad.

The example of Hungary

To understand why it is so important to know which city you are going to, let’s take a real life example, the example of the most frequented medical tourism site in the world; Hungary. Hungary is a country with 10 million people living in it, in several medium sized cities, and one 2 million strong metropolis, Budapest. Simply saying you are going to Hungary for dental treatment is not enough, because most cities in Hungary do not have the infrastructure necessary to provide dental treatments to dental tourists. Budapest, Debrecen and a few other Hungarian cities do have it, and these cities are what draw enough attention to make Hungary the leading place for medical tourism. And this is why knowing what city you are going to can be more important than knowing what country you are visiting.

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