The Lowest Bidder Is Not Always The Best Bet

Once a patient has made the decision to go ahead and travel abroad for dental treatments, there are several things to consider. Where they will go, how far is the trip, who will be taking care of you, what is the name of the dentist and clinic, where you will be staying, and most importantly, how much is this whole shebang going to cost me, anyway?


The Lowest Bidder Conundrum

When choosing the service you are getting, there are several things to consider. On the one hand, no one wants to get sub par treatment, on the other hand, you are traveling abroad to get service for as cheap as possible, and you will be out scouting for ways to save the most amount of money possible. So we come to the conundrum.

The lowest bidder will not provide the best available services, this is simply a fact. But the highest bidder will also not have the highest quality service. However, the lowest possible bidder, far below everyone else should be suspicious. However, there are ways to test the lowest bidder, and see if they are the right one for you.

Test Them

Put the clinic or dentist in question to the test. If they are a legitimate clinic with a legitimate dentist they should be able to answer these questions: Where are you located? What sort of equipment do you have at the dental clinic? Where did you get your accreditation from? What sort of organizations certify you, what bodies regulate your work? What guarantees do I get from you on the work done?

Also ask about the price. Ask how come they can do it so much cheaper than the rest. There should be reasons, and they had better be good. But before doing this, make sure you know the price of their competitors, and the prices on the particular market in the particular place where they are working from. If you know this, you can see if they are way below the prices, and you should ask why. This is important, as charlatans and people who are not accountable can be totally disqualified with these few questions.

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