The Sports Arenas Of Budapest

The recent government has invested a lot of money into the sports, and particularly the football of Hungary, as it was once great, but recent decades have shown an unbelievable turn for the worst. This is slowly being corrected, and one of the things the government has done is pump a lot of taxpayer money into stadiums and sports clubs. A lot of new ones are springing up, and a lot of old ones have a new coat and new facilities. Here are some of the most famous sports arenas in Hungary.


Puskás Ferenc Stadion

The stadium named after the immortal icon of Hungarian football, Ferenc Puskás, this stadium has ogne thorugh many names, and can be found at the metro station called “Stadionok”. It  huge and cannot be missed, and is the largest and most attractive stadium in the city. Aside from sports games, many expos and even some arena sized musical performances are held here.

Groupama Stadium

The stadium at Népliget metro stop traditionally belongs to the FTC, the most famous sports club in Hungary. This is the home stretch of Hungary’s favourite football team, and is the centre of rioting if they lose. The stadium has been recently refurbished, with tighter security, a more beautiful outside, a cosier inside, and a giant statue of an eagle, the symbol of FTC.

Illovszky Selymes Stadion

Located in the 13th district near Béke tér, this stadium is one of the few ones to remain intact the way it was back in the 70s, during the renaissance of Hungarian football. This stadium is rather small, and entirely outdoors, with enormous cleave lights, real grass turf, not AstroTurf, and a good example of the old school football eatery: mostly sunflower seeds and pretzels. Also a good place to grab a pint and see some of the heroes of Vasas drinking and reminiscing about the old days. Definitely worth your time, but is not open if there isn’t a game.

UTE Szusza Ferenc Stadion

The home of the rivals of the FTC (the biggest and most popular football club of Hungary), this is a stadium that has attracted a lot of attention in recent years. It is located on Megyeri út, and is one of the largest sports centres in Hungary, capable of holding 13 500 people, and has not been revamped since 2001. It is wonderfully lit and altogether a very good place to watch a game, with that authentic football vibe.

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