The Struggle For Transparency In Medical Tourism

One of the most important things in medical tourism for patients is transparency. Transparency in this particular case means the ability to see through what is going to happen, where ti is going to happen and who will be providing the service, and what their accreditation is. It is the ability to see from the top down, what kind of situation one will be arriving in.


Without any sort of transparency, patients should not enter into a contract with a medical tourism company, dentist or clinic. It is simply not safe, no matter how good the services seem, there is no way to tell for sure, and it could be a giant scam. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you sign up for anything, while you are still scouting about.

Do you know who is behind the site or company you are speaking to? How do you know?

If the person does not want to give their name and accreditation, the company may be a hoax, or may be woefully unprofessional. The representative, operator, company owner, etc should have a profile of some sort, should have accreditation of some sort, and should be a person that you can find easily after your treatment. If it is a patient organizer, they should have a website, a blog, or some sort of way to communicate with their patients, and they should have some sort of proof for their work. If they are a representative of a company, the company should have a website or someway of verifying their existence, and someway of getting a hold of them. A company that sees regular traffic will want some way of being visible, how else are they going to attract enough customers to stay afloat?


Before you go and embark on the journey it is important to get facts. How much will it cost? You should have, if nothing else, a price range that the procedures can move between. When and where will the procedure take place? If this is not clear, you are dealing with some shady folks, ro there is miscommunication to an extent that is literally dangerous, and can cause more problems than it ends up solving. Who is the doctor? What is their accreditation? This is also relevant, and you need to know this.


Depending on the nature of the treatment, many more questions may arise, and the most important thing is that any and all of your questions are answered. The important thing is that nothing is hidden from view, and nothing is kept from the patients, and they have the opportunity to get to know whatever information they may need. This is especially true when it comes to finances; when, to whom, and how much you are paying, and of course, never ever undergo any sort of service in a foreign country if you cannot get a receipt for it!

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