Thing To Do In Budapest III- Parks

 If you find yourself stuck in Budapest for a few days because of a dental treatment abroad, do not fear! You are in a cultural and historical capital of the world, which was the pearl of the Habsburg emipre, and for good reason! But what if you find yourself wiht no money after haviong your teeth done, so you cant afford a museum, or a lunch at a nice restaurant, and will have to cook your own food in a dingy hostel for the next three days? Not to worry! Now that spring has finally and majestically graced us wiht her presence, the city of parks, as it wa sonce known, has plenty of free, outdoor adventures to offer for those willing to walk, hike, and soak in some sun!



The Városliget so the veritable lung of Budapest. It is the biggest park in Budapest, and has many cool things to offer, like the Vajdahunyadvára, an awesome castle with a great chapel, and a great view of the pond that also resides in this great park. Aside from this, the ducks in the pond love to be fed, and are super friendly. This park also has free basketball and tennis courts, as well as a skate park and lots of great playgrounds and futuristic statues as well. The biggest music venue in Hungary the Pet?fi Csarnok (PeCsa) is also located here. The hangars of the venue transform into an awesome open air flea market every sunday!



The Népliget ios located near the most patriotic football station in Hungary, but it’s still a good place to visit. This park is just a tinsy bit smaller than the Városliget, and the main attractions in it are vast open spaces, playgrounds and soccer fields, as well as the best Planetarium in Hungary. There is also a botanical garden on the premises.

Margit Sziget

Named after St. Margaret of Hungary, who is the saint known for her poor hygiene, the island was previously called the Rabbit Island. With a long and complicated history, this island in the danube sits right between the Buda and Pest sides, and is a true marvel. Great place for sports, there is also an open air pool and a massage parlor that is known the world over for its great services and expert staff. Also has a great open air theater, where the cream of Hungarian theater represent themselves.



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