Things To Do In Budapest- Budapest Spring Festival

If you travel abroad for dental treatments, you may find yourself in the situation of having to stay more than you thought. Healing times can drag on, unforeseen emergencies and delays may occur, despite the best efforts of the clinical staff to control the situation, as medical procedures are such that they cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy, and sadly, dental procedures are no different in this regard.

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This is why it is a good idea to find some things to do while you are in the city that you will be staying in. If you are coming to Budapest, the number one site for dental tourism in the world, you are in luck, as there is always a lot of things going on in this most vibrant and lively city. In this series, I will be talking about a different event with each post, to give would be patients considering a dental holiday a view into what is going on in town.

The Spring Festival

Twice a year, the Vörösmarty square is transformed into a bedazzling market full of handmade arts and crafts, great food, live music, and a great atmosphere of a medieval market. The Christmas fair is incredibly popular, and has been rated as one of the best Christmas fairs in Europe, rated amongst such international markets as the one in Vienna or Berlin. And rightfully so, the best hand crafted goods can be found here, many of them one of a kind, and at a much more reasonable price than in the aforementioned cities.

The twin brother of the christmas market, the Spring Festival, is hardly known, even among locals. Often do you see surprised locals going to work, or home, and bumping into the market. The fare is somewhat smaller than the christmas one, but has the same high standards for quality, the same great prices, and the same awesome atmosphere. The vendors in the stalls are carefully selected and quality controlled, and it is notoriously hard to get a stand at the Vörösmarty square. The Spring festival is only open for three weeks, while the christmas fair is open for a month and a half.

The Spring Festival is alive with live music, folk as well as jazz and rock and roll, performed on a small open air stage, where fashion shows and displays of some of the vendors goods are also held. Different kinds of foods are available, like the famous Kürtöskalács (a spiral shaped dough based pastry that is a must have while in Hungary), or the equally famous Kenyérlángos (a Hungarian pizza), as well as traditional stews and soups, the mainstays of Hungarian cuisine. Located in the posh portion of the inner city, shopping for other goods as well as museums and things to do are all just a few blocks away, so this event is well worth a visit.  


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