Things To Do In Budapest During The Winter

This year has been a real disappointment for winter weather lovers in Budapest. The temperature has been way above freezing, and there has been no snow, no ice, just tons and tons of fog. The effects of global warming are becoming harder to deny in the Carpathian basin, as this winter has given us a mean temperature of around 12 °C, which is like a colder spring here.


Hungarians, used to their four seasons, are absolutely terrified of the implications of this weather. But fear not! Winter is on it’s way, with snow promised for the weekend, and a significant drop in temperature already in effect today.

Winter Fun In Budapest

This is good news, because winter is an important time in Budapest. The outdoor ice skating rinks open up, and steamy hot chocolate is offered in most places, and this city has it’s own unique and intriguing atmosphere, with the dim lights, puffy white snow on old battered buildings, and the parks covered in their early morning covering of frozen dew.

Meanwhile, indoor activities flourish! Museums and galleries and theaters always make their winter line up the most interesting of the year, as this is the time when most people are much more willing to stay indoors and have fun in heated areas. Pubs and bars are also very happy that it is too cold to drink in the open (drinking on the street is legal in Hungary), as this means more customers, and fun events, good food and of course specials on drinks are all the norm for this time of year.

But the outdoors are tons of fun as well. Aside from the outdoor ice skating rinks, there are other things that are interesting as well. if there is enough snow, the slopes of Buda turn into makeshift ski and sled paradises. Spots to enjoy are near Svábhegy, Orbányhegy and of course Normafa, all of which can be easily accessed with a short bus ride from Széll Kálmán square.

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