Things To Do In Budapest VI- The Hero Square

While I do not write about just one attraction or site in particular, the Hero square is probably the only sight in Budapest that deserves a spot all on its own. Not because it is so special, although it is a beautiful monument and has plenty to offer just like that, but because there are numerous tourist attractions and interesting things to do right there at that one square. This might be the reason the square is on every single hop on hop off list as well as mentioned at every single tourist office as well.


The Square

The square itself has many beautiful statues of the Hungarian chieftains. According to legends and the histories of the surrounding peoples, Hungarians came here with 7 tribes headed by 7 chieftains who were all in allegiance with each other to become one nation. This national myth is given form on the Hero Square, where giant, larger than life statues of the chieftains stand on top of great marble columns, lifting them over 10 meters into the air. There is a large arch as well, similar to the arch of triumph in Paris.


The Museums

Flanked on each side with a great museum, the Hero square is truly a place for the art lovers. There is a national Museum Of Fine Arts on one end of the square, whilst the M?csarnok,a  gallery space that was built in a neoclassical sort of style in 1895 stands on the other end. This gallery is home to some of the most prestigious travelling exhibitions, and to some of the greatest expos and exhibitions of the art world. The Museum Of Fine Arts has great long standing permanent exhibitions, as well as plenty of temporary and traveling ones as well. There are always different things to see there, and it is always well worth going inside.


Behind the hero square is the biggest park in Budapest, the Városliget. The Liget (as it is called by locals) has a large pond full of friendly ducks, and it also boasts a great concert hall, one of the last remaining intact castles, a smallish skate park, tennis courts, soccer fields and plenty of playgrounds, and of course, large open areas where you can run around, ept some dogs and let the children have some fun as well.



With all of these things in one place, it is little wonder that the Hero Square is one of the main attractions for anyone coming to Budapest. Truly a must see!


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