Tips for Dental Treatment Abroad in Budapest

Budapest's dental tourism industry hasn't developed overnight. It has one of the most demanding medical and dental educations in the world, and visitors have been availing of it since the 1980s when foreign visitors began discovering the superior treatment.
If you do your homework and do some research online, you will find that affordable, quality dental care is yours to be had at Forest & Ray-Budapest. Before you pack your bags to come to the “Paris of the East”, here are some tips to make the dream of dental treatment in Budapest a reality.

dental treatment abroad
Dental treatment abroad in Budapest

An Educated Patient Is a Good Patient

Contact us at Forest & Ray and ask about the complete treatment schedule, how long it will take and what the full price will be. We will be happy to tell you this as well as about the possibility of having to return for additional dental work should this be required. Full disclosure: the amount of savings you made during your first trip may be affected by follow-up visits. We will also tell you what to expect should you encounter issues with your dental work weeks or months afterward.

Budapest and Its Environs

Budapest sizzles with comparatively inexpensive bars, pubs, clubs and the folks at Forest & Ray-Budapest are only too happy to direct you to the best ones. Hungary is also traditionally a wine drinking nation. The quality of wines can be incredibly good, and while prices of course vary, the price and taste will be to your liking.
 One famous Hungarian vintage is Tokaji, from northeastern Hungary. French King Louis XIV liked it so much he called it "the king of wines, the wine of kings." Another popular liquor is called pálinka, and it's a sort of brandy made out of whatever fermenting fruit is available. Common varieties are distilled from plums, apricots, and pears 

The Language

Hungarian (Magyarul) bears no relation at all to the Slavic and Germanic tongues spoken in neighbouring countries and finds its closest cousins in the languages of Finland and Estonia. But don’t let the difficulty dissuade you from coming here for your dental. At Forest & Ray, we speak English well. You’ll get a taste of that from the first contact you make. Besides here at our clinic, English is spoken in most commercial establishments in Budapest—less so in the surrounding countryside.

The Weather

The Hungarian climate is continental--therefore temperate. Springtime is glorious, the summer is warm and sunny. Autumn is beautiful, particularly in the hills around Budapest and in the Northern Uplands. Though winter can be cold, it seemingly is never very snowy or brutal. But for visiting as well as dental treatment, anytime is a good time to visit Budapest. There is always something to do all year-round, from the outdoor cafes, restaurants in the warm months to the museums and cellar bars all year-round.

Dental treatment abroad
Dental treatment abroad

Experiencing the City

Most anything of interest in Budapest can be found within 3km of the city centre. Budapest's public transit system is renowned for getting around and it is fast, frequent, cheap, and reliable. An extensive system of metro lines, trams, trolleybuses, and buses provides frequent service throughout our city. It is also good to know that taxicabs are a fast and affordable option. Again, we at Forest & Ray can give you all the information you need to comfortably and easily navigate our beautiful city. 


Although Hungary has been a full member of the EU since 2004, and the Hungarian forint (HUF, or Ft) is still the local currency. Hungarian banknotes come in denominations of 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, and 20,000 forint. When traveling with foreign currency to Budapest we can assure you that you will have no trouble finding a place to exchange them, but we strongly recommend that you just bring your bank card and obtain cash through a cash machine. (We recommend avoiding the money changers that loiter in touristy areas and train stations!) Also, you will find your bankcard readily accepted citywide.
We’ve provided you with the essential travel information but fully expect that you will have additional questions. We will address your queries in the same professional manner as the superior dental treatment that you will receive from us here at Forest & Ray- Budapest. We eagerly await your questions and your visit to our fair city and to treating you.

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