Toothbrushing Apps?

Yes they exist, and yes they are available from Google Play and a host of other online stores.


The real question is: are they useful?

In a world where apps are the new “it”, it is sometimes hard to know which apps are worth buying and which should be relegated to the chuckle bucket as a funny thing from years of yore, but we think that the many different toothbrushing apps are definitely worth your time. Here is which ones we like and how they are useful:


The timer apps that start counting back the minutes when you are brushing your teeth are really quite useful, and the one we had shows which one of your quadrants you should be on as well. That’s a really neat app, as most people do not spend enough time with brushing their teeth, and this can give you an example of how long you should be in there for.

Kids apps

Kids frequently do not like to brush their teeth and will try getting out of it if at all possible. Apps that go the extra mile and make an effort to try and make brushing your teeth a fun activity, or at least a communal or competitive one are a-okay with us.

Toothbrush helper

The toothbrush helper is an app that has many many copies of itself, and was intended to help young children who have just recently gotten all of their teeth. It has a big face with a large smile, and shows you where to put the toothbrush. This can be helpful, but in our humble opinion, a real, living, caring adult is always better. But this app does have many useful tips and tricks, and does show kids how to brush their teeth well, so it is useful.

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