Top Destinations For Dental Tourism

Many patients are turning to dental tourism to find affordable dental care from professional dentists, and more and more countries with high medical capabilities are transforming practices to be suitable for international patients. With the advent of cheap airfare, buying an airline ticket and getting dental treatment abroad has never been easier, and is becoming more and more worth it for patients. If you are trying to take advantage of this new and exciting global industry, we have some good news for you! In this article, we will be listing some of the top dental destinations based on continents, so you can start looking into what destinations you may be interested in, in a location that is close to you.

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Hungary, with its capital city Budapest is by far the number one destination for dental tourism worldwide. In the centre of Europe, and thus very easy to get to from other European countries (3 hour flight from Britain), Hungary has very highly trained dentists thanks to the excellent medical facilities available in the country, and the dentists work for a lot less than their Western European counterparts, even though the training is sometimes well superior. This perfect combination of affordable price without having to sacrifice any of the quality of the dental treatment makes Hungary the ideal candidate for anyone looking to go to Europe for dental treatment abroad.

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South East Asia

Of you are living in Australia, New Zealand, continental or coastal Asia, or the Western United States, and are interested in getting dental treatments for less, we strongly recommend going to Thailand. The country that is almost exclusively kept alive through its tourism and associated industries is unsurprisingly cornering the market for high quality and reliable dental treatments. The infrastructure is amazing, as lots of the major tourism companies have invested in this booming industry there, and thus facilities and doctors are up and beyond international standards, not to mention the tropical and beautiful country is always worth visiting.


The Americas

Besides being known for being the first country to run 100% on renewable energy, Costa Rica is also known for its very strong dental tourism industry that is covering patients from South and North America and Canada. The facilities are flawless, the country is more than scenic, with its UNESCO protected cloud forests and incredible wildlife, the locals report the highest levels of happiness with their living situations, and the medical training is rigorous, meaning you will be getting friendly and professional service for a fraction of the costs up north.   

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