Types Of Dental Implants

Most patients seem to believe that there is only one kind of dental implant, and that it is being sold in different brands. This is far from the case, as dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots, and those can be very different from each other, depending on which position they are in and what kind of anatomy they are supposed to conform to. The front teeth will have different roots, than the molars, and even two molars, depending on whose mouth they are in can be very different from each other. When you go to get dental implants abroad, you can choose from every kind of dental implant as well.

Types Of Dental Implants
Image: Types Of Dental Implants

Size and shape

The size and shape is the first thing that you can see. The front teeth have smaller and narrower roots and the wider the tooth, the wider the tooth root will be. Dental clinics that offer dental treatment abroad are well aware of this and stock every size and shape of dental implant that can potentially be needed.


Most of the innovation that goes into creating new dental implants goes into creating existing dental implants with ever newer and better surfaces. The surfaces allow for better osseointegration (the process by which the jawbone grows around and through the dental implant, incorporating it into the jawbone), easier placement, many of them have threading that make sit gentler to the bone, many of them are self-cutting and self-drilling, which is good for the body, and allows for steady placements. All of the newest innovations in dental implant surfaces are available when you decide to go abroad for dental implants.

Bone augmentation and immediate load implants

Sometimes there is a healing time of over 6 months, especially if bone grafts have been used to augment or beef up the bone under the dental implant. Other times immediate load dental implants, which are dental implants that come with a temporary crown so that you can immediately use them are used. This depends on your jawbone, and is not so much a question of what kind of dental implants you are getting. If your jaws can handle it, the dentist will prescribe the kind of dental implant that is quickest to heal and can be used immediately. If they cannot, and more procedures need to be done before your jawbone can handle implantation, or if they just need a slower healing implant to allow the jawbone to properly integrate the dental implants, then a dental implant that is good for that will be provided.    

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