Ultra Wide Diameter Dental Implants

Just as all of the teeth are different all of the roots of each kind of tooth is different: front teeth and incisors have different roots, and the difference between them and molars is very easy to spot, even with the naked eye. The larger and wider the tooth, the larger and wider the dental implants that are going to replace them need to be. Extra and ultra wide dental implants are meant to replace large tooth roots: the ones on molars and back teeth used for chewing and grinding food.

Which teeth do ultra wide dental implants replace?

The size and shape of each tooth root is different, and each person’s teeth are also different sizes: larger people tend to have larger teeth, but in comparison to the rest of the teeth in a given person’s mouth, the largest teeth and tooth roots undoubtedly belong to the molars and wisdom teeth. Ultra wide diameter dental implants are for people with large teeth, and they are meant to replace the molars.

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While dental implants that can replace every tooth exist, sometimes, if a tooth is big enough, you will need more than one dental implant to hold the crown that replaces the tooth when it goes missing. With ultra wide diameter dental implants, you need just one: this means only one surgery, one hole in the jawbone, one procedure, and just one dental implant to take care of. It is easier, cheaper, and safer to get a bigger dental implant to replace a bigger tooth.

Is the surgery the same?

Yes it is. The same procedure, the same healing time, and the same extremely high level of success is associated with ultra wide diameter dental implants as with any other kind of dental implant. They are not big enough for the body to treat them any differently than a regular dental implant.
Ask your dentist if they stock ultra wide diameter dental implants to replace your molar, if it should go missing or if you suspect you will need to have it pulled.

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