Vajdahunyadvár Summer Festival

The Városliget is the biggest park in Budapest. If you enter from Heroes’ Square, you will see a quite large castle in the park. What is it? Who does it belong to? Why is it there? We have some answers, and we are here to tell you that this castle will be the home of an awesome music festival as well, because the Hungarian summer is basically an endless stream of festivities.


The castle

This castle is a replica of the castle of the Voivod Hunyadi, a strong family that later on became kings. They were ardent fighters of the Turkish, and can be thanked for halting the Ottoman expansion into Europe. The complex also has gothic cathedrals and replicas of Roman and other castles, and is basically a testament to the different architectural styles of Hungary blending and morphing to create something new and wonderful; a fantasy castle which reaches through time and space.

The festival

The music performed here will be quite different than what one would accept from a summer festival in Hungary. Traditional folk songs, gypsy music and classical pieces will be recited, by some of the best musicians the country has to offer.

The festival will include rhapsodies, piano recitals, dances, waltzes, and a very, very wide array of cultural activities. Each day will be different, and you can find the whole program here*. Prices are uniform for all seats and all events, and there are no reservations, so it is well worth booking a ticket as soon as you can, and getting to the event early to make sure you get a comfortable seat.

The events started on the 2nd of July, and will last until the 3rd of August, with a few concerts every night in the castle itself. Many of the events will be held outside in the beautiful settings of the mote and the enormous linden and willow trees, and the natural amphitheatre of the castle itself will provide amazing acoustics, as every year. 

What: Classical and folk music festival held in elegant surroundings

Where: The Vajdahunyadvára, located in Városliget near Heroes’ Square

When:   From July 2nd to August 3rd

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Price: Free

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The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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