Waiting Times

It is a very rare occasion that you can travel abroad, go to the dentist in the morning and be on your way home a few hours later, after a light lunch. Dental treatments, for the most part simply do not roll that way, and although certain dental treatments would definitely permit this scenario to unfold, those dental treatments, for the most part, are not in and of themselves worth it to travel abroad for. Usually, complicated treatments are what make people get on a plane, and these almost always have a certain amount of healing time associated with them.


Healing Times, No Fly, And “Just To Be Sure”

Usually, you will be told to wait because you will be healing after a presumably invasive surgery. You will need to heal before it is safe for you to go anywhere, and the dentist will require you to stay within reach just in case you catch an infection, or something goes wrong, so that corrections can be made, or legal action can be taken. These waiting times are there just as much for you as they are for the doctor. During the healing time, you will be dubbed a “no fly”, meaning you will not be able to board a plane for 72 hours at least. A lot of these procedures carry no risk of infection and usually the doctor will be able to tell if you will be fine, but it is still better to err on the side of caution, and keep you grounded for 72 hours “just in case”. The problem is that medical science, and thus dentistry, is not an exact science in the way that physics or chemistry is, and unforeseen or indeed, unforeseeable things may happen, as each system is different, and may react differently.


Below I intend to give a list of popular procedures and their healing times.



Healing Time

Dental Implants

1-3 weeks, depends on how many dental implants, and which teeth are affected.

Bone Grafts

1-3 weeks

Gum Grafts

One week


72 hours


72 hours


72 hours

Denture Stabilization

1-3 weeks, for the same reason as dental implants


72 hours

Surgical Tooth Extraction

Depends, but usually 72 hours.


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