What Dental Implants We Use

With so many dental implants on the market today, it is of little wonder that patients are constantly asking us what brand of dental implants we use when providing dental implants abroad to our foreign patients. Although this is an important question, I don’t think it will be surprising to find out that we use Nobel Bio Care.

Nobel Bio Care

Why Nobel?

We use Nobel dental implants for a number of reasons. For one, they are ubiquitous, and can be found in most countries, meaning quicker customer service, which translates to shorter waiting times in case you want a size or shape of their dental implants that we do not readily stock.
We also use Nobel because they are reliable. They are one of the longest running companies in this relatively new field, and are very well established, and assume guarantees for their products, so that means they can be held accountable for the products they ship.
Nobel line is also incredibly versatile, with all shapes and sizes of implants, all textures and surfaces as well, allowing our master implantologists a wide variety of dental implants to choose from, to make sure our patients get the best results and the best tooth replacements that money can buy. Which brings us to our final point, and the real reason why Nobel industries just can’t be beat.

Price and value

Nobel industries are the perfect mix of value and affordability. They are one of the cheapest dental implants in terms of price, but are premium quality. Being one of the original dental implant manufacturers allows them to keep their prices low, while having decades of experience behind them makes their implants extremely high quality, so they are the best choice for dental practices.
At Forest and Ray, we only deal with the best, as we are a reputable dental practice with clinics open in two countries. We sue nothing but the best materials and equipment, and re serious about our quality standards. Nobel dental implants have proven, over the years, to be reliable, premium quality affordable and easy to work with and procure, making it the obvious choice for us. If you wish to have different kinds of dental implants, please come in for a consultation and we will see what we can do to procure them for you.


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