What Is A patient Organizer?

When traveling abroad for dental treatment, you will find that more people are getting mixed up in your dental affairs that you may have thought. In the usual clinical setting, the entire ordeal is dependent upon two people; the patient and the dentist, and the nurse or receptionist might be somewhat involved in the affair as well. When traveling abroad, you will talk to an agent or representative abroad, but you may also find yourself talking to a person in your host country who plays a crucial role in making sure you get the treatment you paid for; this person is the patient organizer.


Patient organized

Who They Are And What They Do

Patient organizers are located in the country where the patients come from. As most patients work full time or are otherwise preoccupied with living their life, they do not have the time to seek out which clinics in which countries offer what services, and they may not know which travel agency to book with either. This is where a patient organizer comes in handy. A patient organizer organizes patients, as the name would imply, and gets them to the clinic, dentist or travel agency that is best suited to care of them, depending on their needs. If the patient probably needs implants, or has expressed the fact that they want dental implants, it is up to the patient organizer to find a cheap, reliable implantologist who is covered by indemnity insurance. Usually, patient organizers do not work for a clinic, although some of them do, but rather they keep in touch with a number of clinics, and they work for commission, getting a percentage after every patient that they send to a clinic.


The patient organizer should have a very good idea of what kind of clinics and procedures await the patient abroad. For instance, if you are going to Hungary to get dental implants the patient organizer should know a bunch of implantology clinics in Budapest, and should be able to refer you to one, and get you an appointment for the time that is convenient for you.

This is why patient organizers are so important, as they serve as interlopers between the clinic and the patients the clinic is meant to treat. They can get you good deals, have knowledge about the industry, and above all, are here to help you with your dental problems. Get to know one today, or ask if your clinic can refer one to you.   

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