What Is A Representative?

Far from a political career, representatives gain a whole new meaning in the field of dental tourism. When you first get off of that airplane, the second person you will meet (the first being the chauffeur) will be your representative. This person may be waiting for you at the airport, at your place of accommodation, or at the dentists office, depending on how you had previously arranged. The obvious questions are who are they, why are they needed and what do they do.


Who They Are And What They Do

A dental treatment is an intimate thing, and the patient usually wants there to be as few people involved as possible. In the usual clinical setting, there need only be two people involved, the patient and the dentist, with the possible exception of the dental nurse or the assistant or hygienist. But when traveling abroad for dental treatment, the process becomes more complicated, and so more people have to be involved in your dental treatment. One of those people is your representative.

The representative is the link between the patient and the dentist and also between the patient and the host country. If you as a patient are unsure of something, you should ask your representative. If you need to have more information about the dentist, clinic, procedure, materials used, laws in the land, just ask your representative. If you are experiencing problems, call your representative. If you want to know the best place for stuffed goose liver that is affordable, call your representative.

Representatives are people who are interested in people. They have to be able to answer the patients questions about dental treatments, but they are not themselves dental professionals. They are also people who know the clinic that you have travelled to, and know the dentist as well. Aside from this, they have to be well acquainted with the city where they are representatives.

Why They Are Needed

Representatives are handy because the dentist may not have the time to answer your questions, as they may be working before and after they see you. In this case if there is a symptom or a pain or anything, you may be able to talk to someone who can help you, and if an intervention is needed, the representative can set something up. It may also be useful to have someone who knows the city around. Usually, patients and representatives have each others phone numbers and are thus able to have constant contact with each other.


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