What to Look For In A Dental Implantologist

A dental implantologist, commonly referred to as an implant dentist is the kind of dentist who has had extensive training in placing, removing and dealing with dental implants. These dentists have taken a specialisation course to move to the field of oral surgery, and within that learn the techniques and the skills necessary to be able to handle dental implants. These are highly specialised people, and need to be able to produce the credentials for their specialisation. Here are the things to look for in an implant dentist.


Academic credentials

As mentioned above, the person needs to be specialised by a University for oral surgery or dental implant placement. Look for certificates or diplomas from accrediting institutions (certifications from dental associations, like the ADA or the GDC are a good reference), and ask how the dentist learned to work with dental implants. Some universities do not have a dental implantology degree, but can train an oral surgeon, and if afterwards that oral surgeon has gotten themselves an internationally accredited diploma or certificate in dental implantology, then you are in good hands.

The dental clinic

But a specialist who is good at his job is just the first step. Even the most highly trained individual will come to a loss if they do not have the right tools for the job. The clinic where the implantation will take place must be prepared properly for oral surgery, and must be clean, neat and have the necessary equipment for the placement of dental implants.

Personal issues

It is not too much for a patient to ask for a dental implantologist that they can get along with, especially in a private setting, where the patient is paying a considerable sum of money to get their teeth done. While the personality of a dentist should not affect their ability to perform what they had learned, it can and does affect the way the patient feels about what has just happened. Sure the dental implants are in, but the dentist was rude or otherwise unhelpful, and the patient doesn’t want to go back. Because of this there might be a missed check-up, which can lead to all sorts of problems. To avoid these and other situations, make sure you get a chance to meet your dentist before the implantation, to talk and have a preliminary consultation session, and if you do not feel cared for and comfortable, look for a different dentist.   

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