What to look for with accommodations

When booking a dental holiday abroad, one of the key things to look for is proper accommodations. It can mean the difference between the holiday trip you will fondly remember and a week or so in hell. Choose wisely, and keep these few pointers in mind.  



There are several angles to consider when choosing the location you want your accommodation to be in. How are you getting there? This is the most important question, because if you are not being driven, you may have to take public transport, which may not be the best idea if you have had 6 extractions and 4 dental implants, are tired, getting feverish and drooling from anaesthetic. But it may be fine if you just had a new denture fitted, for example. If you are getting some serious work done (like extractions, root canals, oral surgery, dental implants or anything invasive or involving surgery), and do not wish to pay for a taxi or public transport, make sure you find something near the clinic.

Check what areas of the city there are. Do you really want to be in the posh party neighborhood after getting dental work? Is it noisy, will you be able to rest up and get your bearings? Then again this may be easier to deal with for some people than a remote, quiet or frankly boring part of town. What location is the best would depend on the individual and the work that is being done.    



Usually patients travel abroad to receive dental treatment to save money. The price of accommodations is thus a pivotal question. You want to save money on the treatment, and may want to save money on the entire affair altogether. But do not let that lead you to book a tiny motel room for 4 people, or some other price saver disaster. You will be spending a considerable time in your accommodatiöons, and if you feel bad after the procedure (which you might, depending on what you are going to get), you may spend all of your time in your hotel room trying to sleep it off. Make sure it is one that you do not mind being in. Check pictures and check the neighborhood, too.   


Depending on how many of you are going, it may be a good idea to get a bigger room. If you are going with family, you must consider that you may be incapacitated or simply not in the mood to deal with other people. You may experience some residual pain, may be knocked out from taking painkillers, and you may even have a low temperature for a few days. This is a good time to get some privacy. Obviously, this is very much budget related, but if it seems like paying a little extra can get you a bigger space, that is definitely something to consider.  

What YOU want

The examples above are just examples of aspects that are to be considered. Many personal motivations and tastes may be added to this list, so it is important to know what it is that bugs you about a room, and what kind of rooms make you feel comfortable. Only you can know what kind of things annoy you, what you want to do in the host country, and what kind of activities and possibilities make you happy, but always have a plan B that involves plenty of rest and fluids! Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy your stay!

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