When Is Dental Tourism Worth It?

When looking at the prices of quality dental treatment in Hungary, the urge to book a flight for even the minutest procedure can be overwhelming, especially with flight starting from just under 30 pounds. But once you factor in that you will have to stay at least 2-3 days, and will need to spend money on travelling and being in Budapest, the calculation becomes a little bit more complicated. In this article we hope to clear the air about when dental tourism is worth it, and what kind of costs you can expect.

Save money with dental tourism!

Oral surgery, dental implants, and the like

The classic reason to travel abroad is to get dental implants. These extremely expensive dental prosthetics are much more affordable elsewhere, and the procedure for getting them inserted also costs a lot less. The best thing is, it is only a 45 minute or so procedure, and then the aftercare can be done elsewhere, and you still save a ton of money by buying the actual dental implant overseas. Other expensive oral surgical procedures that take only one visit are also considered a classic dental treatment abroad, as is wisdom tooth extraction, and cases in which a bunch of preliminary dental treatments (bone grafts, gum grafts, impressions for crowns, etc) are necessary.

more money
Medical bills can be very high in the West

Cosmetic treatments, orthodontics

Relatively cheaper treatments, like tooth fillings, for example, are typically not worth it, along with cosmetic procedures. The way these can be worth it is if you have a lot of fillings to take care of, and you can couple that with a hygiene session, a whitening session and a polishing, and this package will be discounted heavily, and then it will be worth it to travel. Orthodontics is also very complicated, as visits to your orthodontist for activation sessions happen once or twice every month. But we do have a solution.

The Forest and Ray Method

We are unique because we have dental clinics in both Budapest and London, and can thus offer a combination of treatments both in the UK and abroad, which can not only save money, but allows us to be much more convenient and accommodating of our patients than is usually the case. We can help you save on orthodontics, by having the braces be put on in Hungary, and have the activation sessions, with the same orthodontist who placed and made the braces, in London every month. We can have patients pick and choose locations and make the most convenient and most affordable solution!

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Special dental offer for those who decide to travel and would like to stay in Budapest!

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