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  • When Travelling Abroad, Just Remember- Time Is A Factor!

When Travelling Abroad, Just Remember- Time Is A Factor!

Most procedures that are worth travelling abroad for are expensive. They are either oral surgical procedures which are complicated and require multiple visits and highly skilled professionals, and are thus expensive, or they involve dental implants or orthodontics, and equipment is always costly. This is why many people keep putting their trips off again and again. In some cases, this is an acceptable, if foolish thing to do. In other circumstances, waiting to have a treatment done may be a risk to your life.

Clock time

Know Your Illness

To give you an idea of why timing is so vital to the success of your treatment, let me use a made up example that happens all the time. Take a patient who had a root canaled tooth. The tooth breaks or chips, and it becomes apparent that the tooth and the surrounding tissues are suffering from an infection. This has to be cleared up with a course of antibiotics and an extraction, after which, when the area has recovered, a dental implant has to be put in. The patient decides to wait a little, which is fine, before getting the whole procedure done. The tooth is dead after all and will not start to hurt. In a few months the patient may start to feel sick, notice that conditions are changing in the mouth, and can develop a blood borne illness.

All this just because the patient did not understand their relationship to their illness. Yes, you can wait before getting a dental implant, but if you have an infection, you NEED to start taking antibiotics and to pull the tooth that is dead. There is absolutely no benefit from having a dead tooth in your mouth. But at the same time the issue is that the alveolar tissues in the gums start to deteriorate the longer the wait.

Know illnes


Problems From Overwaiting

Depending on what sort of treatment you are getting, a whole host of things can go wrong with you. You can get an infection that is hard to cure and which may spread to your tongue, your throat, and your gums. If left untreated for long enough, your jawbone will start to dissolve as well. If you have a tooth missing for too long, you can lose enough alveolar tissue where you will need a bone graft in order to get a dental implant. And worse of all, the longer you wait, even if nothing that serious happens, the more you will have to pay and you will also have to undergo more treatment in order to be nursed back to health. That means more expenses, more waiting times, and more potentially invasive and unpleasant dental procedures to look forward to.

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