Where To Hike In Budapest

Budapest is one of the greenest cities in the EU, and one of the greenest in the world. This means that there are plenty of places to go hiking in or around the city, and a lot of places to see that are surrounded by trees. Budapest is in the fortunate situation to have some wild lands directly within its borders, and to be where three national parks meet, some of them spilling over into its territory, while others just flanking it. In this article I wish to speak a little about the green spaces within the city where you can for a hike and enjoy nature in its fullest. Read on for some exclusive locations!


Funicular Railway

Much like a ski lift without a slope, the Funicular Railway from János Hegy allows the rider to see the entire city from above. A short hike in the János hegy will yield the location of the railway, and it can take you on to some adjacent Buda hills. A great way to get back to the city after a long day of romping in the woods on János hegy.
3as Határhegy
One of the wildest and most beautiful of the Buda hills, this one is located all the way up north, near the North-Western border of the city. Located in the 3rd district, it is easy to get to and has some beautiful river valleys and other great tourist locations to see. It marks the meeting place of Buda, Óbuda and Pest, and provides a marvellous panorama of the city.


The distinctive picnic ground of Budapest, Normafa is located near János Hegy. It is a small clearing on the top of a hill, and you can see most of the city, and a lot of the natural splendour of the Buda hills and the Pilis national park. Very worth visiting in a sunny day in Autumn, as the colours are beautiful, the hütte is open, and delicious foods are cheap. Many buses go here, and have this as their last stop.


The outer most corner of the 12th district, inhabited by the very rich or the very remote. This part of Budapest is hard to believe belongs to a metropolitan city, and is not a small village on the outskirts of a town. It has rustic beauty, awesome hiking trails that lead all around Buda, and you can approach the natural reserves outside of the city through Hüvősvölgy as well.    

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