Why Consider Budapest for Dental Tourism

Budapest has become one of the world’s famous dental tourism destination, and has been for quite a few years now. The reason is because this city is beautiful, affordable, and has the best dentists on the continent. This unique combination means that the price to quality ratio is extremely favourable, as you can access the best dental services on the continent for a fraction of the price that you would be paying in Western Europe or the UK. While many of the countries also have socialised medical services, the queue is sometimes unacceptably long, and sometimes the service is much worse than what you would get from a private dentist in Hungary.


Does the math really add up?

It sure does, especially if we are talking about crowns or bridges, dental implants, or several teeth that need to be fixed. The real third ingredient that brings the affordable care to Western patients is the advent of cheap airline flights. Nowadays, there are flights to Budapest several times a week, and if you book in advance, it can be for as little as 20 pounds. But even the most expensive commercial airline ticket to Budapest is less than 100 pounds. With accommodations being as cheap as they are, especially with Air bnb and other such time share real estate options, the cost of getting to and staying in Hungary is so minimal that the savings are just too good for thousands of patients to pass up.

Is the dental tourism safe?

Our company operates a dental clinic in London, and one in Budapest, so we can proudly claim our work and be responsible for it. We only work with the best dentists who have international accreditation and credentials that can be checked by any one of our patients. Most clinics who deal in dental tourism are internationally acclaimed and are subject to regular examinations and international health codes. We are proud that ours always pass with flying colours, and these credentials can be checked as well, and we urge you to do so.    

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