Why It’s Important To Replace Teeth

The main reason people get dental implants is because they are the only way to fully replace all of your tooth. Every bit of your tooth will get replaced, as the dental implant itself acts as a replacement for the tooth root, while the dental crown that goes atop it replaces the visible portion of the teeth, the ones used for speech, biting and chewing food. But what happens if you do not replace your tooth at all?

missing teeth

The alveolar ridge

The alveolar ridge is a crest of soft and porous bone material that houses the tooth roots. Without tooth roots in the alveolus, it starts to disintegrate and get reabsorbed by the body. The dental implants keep the alveolus from disintegrating, and will keep it healthy, which is very important to prevent your teeth from becoming mobile and loose.

Other dysfunctions

Each tooth has a very specific role to play in speech, eating and socialisation. By missing one or more teeth, you are endangering the rest of your teeth as well. Think of your teeth as an organ made up of 32 interlocking and independent parts, sort of like the bones in your ear. If one part goes missing or is ruined, it affects the whole organ, and will cause the entire organ to work improperly and be dysfunctional. In this case, more stress will be put on other teeth to pick up the slack, which means they will get ruined faster. It will also negatively affect your TMJ, which can lead to jaw pains, back pains, headaches and other various aches and pains. The deterioration of your other teeth will also lead to more tooth decay, which creates a less healthy oral environment, which affects all of the body and your immune system in general.
This is why it’s important to replace missing teeth. The only way to truly replace all of the parts of a tooth and avoid the problems that tooth loss as a condition can cause is by getting dental implants. Get in touch with us and get a quote for a dental implant, and see what we can do for you!         

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