For Nervous Patiens

None is dreaming about having to go to the dentist, but for some, it can be a real nightmare. Dental phobia makes the experience of a dental treatment much more stressful than it usually is. Our mission at Forest & Ray is to make sure that everyone has a chance to get the beautiful, healthy smile they want and deserve. We pay extra attention to giving our patient suffering from anxiety the most patient and comfortable dental care possible. With discussing their fears and creating a treatment plan according to their special needs makes the procedure easier for them.

Nervous patients

No embarrassment

It is important for you to know that if you have dental phobia, you are not alone with your anxiety and it is nothing to be embarrassed about. In many cases the anxiety develops of negative childhood memories, but it can appear without any experience with dentists as well. The following methods can help you reduce the level of stress caused by dental phobia.

Specification of the problem

You can talk about your worries with your dentist and specify the core of the problem. Are you afraid of a certain procedure, a tool, the dentist or the clinic itself? The solution might be different in each case, but it most definitely exists and it is well worth talking about your problem openly!

Stay in control

We do our best to make sure our anxious patients feel in control throughout the entire treatment. The dentist and the patient agree on a sign before the procedure, using which the patient can stop the dentist any minute, at any point of the process. It is also very important to inform the patient - and answer their questions about anything in connection with the procedure - so they always know what is about to happen to their teeth. This might reduce fear and make the patient feel safer and more comfortable, even during more serious and complicated treatments.

Focusing on other things

If you pay attention to something else during the treatment, you might worry less about what is happening to you. It depends on your preferences what the best method is, what matters is that you do something pleasant for you. It might be talking to the dentist or nurse and asking them to talk to you during the procedure, or it might be listening to music of your preference - not with headphones, but together with the dentist and the nurse so that you do not feel alone.

Appointments as early as possible

It is recommended to book an appointment for as early as possible if you are suffering from dental phobia. If the treatment is the first thing you do in the morning, you will not be stressed and anxious during your working day or your weekend you might enjoy otherwise. After having finished your treatment in the morning, you will have the rest of your day to be relieved and happy.

Smaller treatment first

If you are afraid of more serious treatments that cannot always be completely painless, it is better to book a smaller treatment first, after the initial consultation. For example a scaling is a good idea before oral surgery because you can get used to the dentistry and the dentist without experiencing pain. Once you already know and trust your dentist, it will be less inconvenient to agree on more serious treatments that are needed for your health and beauty.