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Cosmetic dentistry Budapest

We realize that dentistry can be very expensive and many people can simply not afford to have implants, veneers or porcelain crowns. However there are places in Europe, Hungary being one of the most popular destinations, where you can get high quality cosmetic dentistry budapest services for the fraction of the price you would have to pay in the UK

Cosmetic dentistry Budapest

We would like to offer you top quality, Cosmetic dentistry treatments in Budapest which won’t cost a fortune. Whatever service you need: dental implants, crowns, teeth whitening or veneers abroad, we can do them in our clinics in our cosmetic dentistry Budapest, Hungary, as good as top dentists in the UK but for much less than you would have to pay in the UK.

The location of our private dental centre in cosmetic dentistry Budapest, Hungary allows us to be up to 75% cheaper than UK’s surgeries.

This means you can save thousands of pounds on most treatments like implants or bridges even after travel costs as we do not compromise on quality. Our dentists are highly qualified professionals, with years of domestic and international experience. They only use world class materials.

Travelling abroad for dental treatment is not a risky trip to the unknown any more as many now know about the cheapness of cosmetic dentistry Budapest. We are sure to make it simpler for you, safer and more affordable than any other provider in the market.

How long do I have to stay in Budapest?

If you choose to take our Budapest dental treatment, then the dentist's work in Budapest needs two appointments. This treatment normally takes around 5-6 working days to complete; after you have had your second appointment in our Budapest dental clinic, you are free to fly home at any time that you like.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry involves numerous procedures that our dental professionals will be carrying out on you or a member of your family, with the aim of improving the overall appearance of your smile and the way your teeth look. A beautiful smile can have numerous good effects on an individual's self-confidence, and can also sometimes help enhance personal relationships and even help towards greater career opportunities. An attractive appearance starts with perfect teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry cost comparison – London vs. Budapest

The most well-known common cosmetic dental treatments that are undertaken by dentists include the following:


1. Dental Bridges

Once you consult our dentist in Central London, we will give you an immediate quote on your treatment. You can choose where you would like to have your dental treatment, whether it be in our Budapest dental clinic or in our London one, depending on your personal wishes and your financial situation.

We treat our patients' consultation and their aftercare in our London dentistry for ease of access, but if it is your wish, you are always more than welcome to visit our Budapest dentistry also.

Dental bridges can also be known as a fixed partial denture, which is also a false tooth. These dental bridges can be anchored onto a neighbouring tooth so that it can replace one or even more missing teeth. This type of procedure uses teeth called pontics: these can be made out of numerous products, such as gold, alloy or porcelain, or even a combination of all of them. Dental bridges can usually be found supported by natural teeth or even implants.

A dental bridge is fabricated by reducing the teeth on either side of the missing tooth or teeth, using a preparation pattern that is determined by the main location of the teeth and also by the main material from which the bridge is to be fabricated.

The typical parts of the dental bridges are as follows:

  • A false tooth used to replace the missing one
  • Two crowns - serving to anchor the false tooth in place

How are my dental bridges made:

Step 1

Preparation of teeth on either side of the gap (removing any areas of the abutments depending on the crown)

Step 2

An impression of your mouth will be taken, which will be used in the laboratory to produce the false teeth and crowns. A temporary bridge will be placed in until the next visit; this protects the teeth and gums of your mouth.

Step 3

Your temporary bridge will be removed and the permanent bridge will be fitted and adjusted for any bite discrepancies that we may find, and then it will be cemented.

Price: Free*

If you have decided to visit Hungary for a brand new smile, we will offer you a FREE CONSULTATION!*

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Name: Stella

Age: 43

Treatment: Bad front teeth, bad oral hygiene

Stella wanted to change her life with a healthier smile. She had the feeling that she is being looked at in a weird manner because of her teeth. She was afraid of missing even though she is a generally happy person.

This is why she called Forest & Ray and came for a consultation, because she heard from a friend that they provide a good price value treatment. In only 4 appointments her she got a completely new smile and saved some pounds for the summer vacation


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