Dental Tourism Risks Disappear At Forest & Ray

If you think about it, any dental work carries the least bit of risk. Dental Tourism abroad is no different. People have many motivations for seeking dental care overseas, including cost savings and price transparency. Some patients say, ’’I KNOW THAT GOING ABROAD CAN BE CHEAPER, BUT ARE THE RISKS WORTH IT?” At Forest & Ray, Budapest, we emphatically say “YES!”, and our dental professionals back it up with expert, trouble-free dental work.

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Today, lower cost doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. Our offices are modern and sparkling clean and feature state of the art equipment. Lower prices are offered abroad for a number of reasons, including lower education expenses, insurance rates, overhead costs, labour costs, and government interventions. Two major reasons for the rise in dental tourism are the higher demand for elective dental care (i.e. crowns and veneers, and implants-our specialties) and the growing number of travel agents and websites available to connect tourists to reputable dentists.

What Are The Risks And How Do We Mitigate Them?

  1. Price Surprises - Many times there are more surprises concerning the price of treatment in clinics at home than at Forest & Ray. Sure many of the clinics at home have price lists. But the final price tag is not guaranteed and can vary based on individual examinations. With us, clear prices are always given for dental procedures, so patients know exactly how much to budget.
  2. Medical And Dental History Mix-ups - Your dentist at home keeps a detailed record of your medical and dental history and uses that information to make decisions about your care. When participating in dental tourism, the dentist you visit may be capable, but definitely lacks the medical history and personal relationship you enjoy with your family dentist. We strongly suggest that you obtain dental data such as history and x-rays and forward them to us or bring them with you.
  3. No Insurance Coverage Abroad - Your dental insurance at home may help you to pay for some or all of the visit. Unfortunately, that same coverage is unlikely to extend to out-of-country dentists. But your company might so check with them. In any event, with the cost of dental treatment abroad so low, it is likely to still be considerably cheaper at Forest & Ray than at home even with insurance coverage. And, sometimes at home, even if you have generous dental coverage, the wait for treatment can be many months.

Minimizing The Risks

If dental tourism still seems like a promising option to you, there are a few pointers that can help minimize the potential risks:

  • Make sure you gain an understanding of the details of the treatment plan, including particular models and materials being used, as well as the expected recovery time.
  • Keep careful records of any procedures done abroad to help the next dentist provide the best care for you if it comes to that.
  • Keep in mind that there may be additional costs associated with international travel, such as visas and local taxes.

Before boarding a plane, diligent research needs to be done: call us in advance to discuss care options and get testimonials, and learn about the certifications that Forest & Ray dental professionals have. You will be happy you did and that you chose us. What are you waiting for?

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