Dental Treatment Abroad

Why go abroad for dental treatment?

Why go abroad for dental treatment?
  • Because you can get the same high-quality care for a fraction of the price
  • Because you can get it in the beautiful and historical city of Budapest
  • Because dental tourism is an industry that builds on budget airlines giving away cheap airfare, making dental treatments in other countries cheaper

Step 1: Free Consultation in Budapest

Come to our Budapest dental clinic for a consultation. You will get to meet the dentist who will be performing the procedures, and a treatment plan will be outlined, allowing you to make the calculations and see if it is worth it for you to travel abroad for dental treatment.

Step 2: Book accommodations and flight ticket

If you decide to travel to Budapest, our multilingual customer care staff will help you with booking accommodation, finding tickets, and helping you in advance with any and all aspects of your travel.

Step 3: Arrival in Budapest

After you arrive, the rest of the day will be yours, and you can do as you please, get used to your new surroundings and get plenty of rest.

Step 4: Dental holiday in Budapest

After serious dental treatment, you are considered unfit to fly for 72 hours, to give your body a chance to heal. After this time, the dentist will see if you are healing properly, and if so, you will be free to go.

Destination: Budapest

Budapest is the go-to destination for dental tourism. It is the most popular city in Europe for dental treatment abroad and is the most popular destination for dental treatment.

Why choose Budapest for dental tourism?


Because we have dentists who are extremely well trained (the best dental schools in Europe are in Hungary), extremely cheap, and have a great chair-side manner. Get the same excellent treatment you are used to, for a fraction of the price, in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe! Budapest is famed for being a great place for nightlife, with superb gastronomy and excellent wine culture. The city is an extremely affordable, multi-cultural capital, with a European heritage, serving as a bridge between the Balkans and Western Europe. This bridge can be felt physically as well as mentally, through the culture and the mix of people and the lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere, part Balkans, part Mitteleuropa, and completely unique.


It is one of the best places in which to recover from surgery as well: the climate is dry, meaning that there is less chance for infections to take hold, and there are thermal spas everywhere, which are great for healing in that they aid the healing process and provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The minerals in the baths will also help you, by killing off bacteria and activating the blood cells in your body. Remember that you heal best when you are resting, and nothing is more relaxing than a day at the spa!


When you feel better, there will be plenty of restaurants and cafés where you can eat and drink and be merry, replacing the used-up minerals in your body with fresh nutrients and loads of energy, which will be needed to make sure you heal properly. So why not combine what is useful and what is pleasant and get your dental treatment abroad in Budapest?

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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