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  • Overdenture Abroad? Why Not If You Want to Save A Lot Of Money

Overdenture Abroad? Why Not If You Want to Save A Lot Of Money

 If you have decided on an overdenture, doesn’t it make sense to have it done with the highest quality dentist practice and at the lowest price? That’s exactly what will happen if you get your overdenture abroad from Forest & Ray Budapest Dental Clinic! But to clinch the decision for you, it is best to get a refresher on what overdentures are all about.

Getting an overdenture abroad drives the cost down even further.

All About Overdentures

Overdentures combine dental implant technology with prosthetic dentures to bring patients closer to feeling like they have a full mouth of natural teeth in an affordable way. Patients can chew and bite almost anything. In addition to aesthetic and functional benefits, overdentures also protect your health by providing regular stimulation to the jawbone. Jawbone loss with conventional dentures is a very serious problem that has compounding negative health and aesthetic effects over time. With overdentures, four to six dental implants are anchored in the jaw and support the attached denture, providing the regular stimulation needed by the jaw to maintain health.

Why Choose Overdentures? 

Both full and partial dentures tend to move out of their place occasionally. Maybe you have already felt the embarrassment of slipping dentures no matter how hard you try with ineffective, messy denture adhesives. But there is more to it than teeth not detaching.
Tooth replacement options retained by dental implants, however, provide a stable way to keep false teeth in place and allow you to live your daily life with confidence. Not to mention that they may also promote additional health benefits. When in place, since your overdentures will not detach, you can safely eat, speak and smile during the day and you’ll only have to remove them for cleaning. By combining the latest advances in dental implantology with reliable prosthetic dentures, we at Forest & Ray give you the best of both worlds-- and at a price you can afford.

There is more to it than teeth not detaching.

What are the Benefits of Overdentures?


  • Comfort: Doesn’t cover the palate
  • Aesthetics: Protects facial appearance from jawbone loss
  • Health: Protects the jaw
  • Function: Allows for biting and chewing most foods with little restriction
  • Proven: Has extremely high levels of satisfaction
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Proprioceptive response: Detects motion and position in the mouth
  • Reliability

The Next Steps

Contact us and come to the beautiful city of Budapest to see us! Our expert dental practitioners will determine if there is an adequate amount of jawbone that properly supports the dental implants and provides long-term stability for the overdentures. We will assess your bone mass based on the combination of a dental panoramic X-ray and a CT scan that shows a 3D view of the volume of the jawbone. At that time we can also discuss the overdenture options you have.
Putting it simply, if you are a candidate for overdentures, you will be doing yourself and your wallet a big favour by getting your overdenture abroad and with us at the Forest & Ray Dental Clinic in Budapest. We look forward to seeing you!

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel and would like to stay in Budapest!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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