The Pros and Cons of Getting your Teeth Done Abroad

Getting your teeth done abroad is not a big deal anymore. Tens of thousands of people around the globe travel from their home countries for dental treatment. There are many pros and some cons. But when it comes to dental tourism in Budapest with Forest & Ray, the cons melt away.

teeth done abroad
The Pros and Cons of Getting your Teeth Done Abroad



Yes, it isn’t just the cost that makes getting your teeth done abroad beneficial but the cost is a major factor. It is maybe the greatest appeal of dental tourism. More expensive dental treatment such as dental implants, crowns, root canal surgery or veneers can be cheaper abroad than if done domestically - up to 50-70% cheaper, according to some estimates.


Like all clinics that deal with dental tourism, Forest & Ray dental professionals work with only the best materials. We use quality materials in our Budapest dental clinic - no flimsy materials, but the same ones which are used at home.

No Queuing

After contacting us and making all the necessary arrangements, all is good to go. There is no waiting list or unnecessary delay for the dental work you’ve always wanted.


Our staff members all speak English, and our dentists are also tested to see if they meet our very high standards of spoken English. Call our multilingual customer care staff and come in for a chat with one of our dentists, the same one who will be providing his or her services to you in Budapest.

Holiday Experience

Added to the cost and the quality of the dental care is the opportunity to experience an adventure abroad. In the case of Budapest, you are talking about one of the truly beautiful, vibrant, and exciting capital cities in Europe—if not the world.


Quality Standards

With dental tourism there is always the concern regarding the quality of treatment. Are the dentists certified to perform the desired treatment for the patient? Are the facilities and equipment up to industry standards? These are typical questions and we are happy to report that regarding Forest & Ray Budapest dental clinic, the answers to the questions are a resounding YES! Our dental practitioners are of the highest standards and our facilities are state-of-the-art.


The duration of a stay for dental tourism is relatively short-usually 2 weeks or less per trip. So there may be questions arising as to whether the time is sufficient for the appropriate treatment-- especially for more complex procedures like dental implants and root canal surgery. These types of treatments require follow-up, monitoring sessions to assess how things are going. If there are problems, additional aftercare may be necessary. At Forest & Ray, we meticulously plan the timetable with you and are sure to allow ample time should follow-up be needed. Due to our long experience, we have a good handle on how much time is required and advise you accordingly.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Travelling abroad for dental treatment is only worth it if you are getting some procedure that is expensive and complex; small treatments are simply not worth it. That is unless you want an exciting holiday experience while tending to small but nagging dental problems.


With all the aforementioned advantages of dental tourism to Budapest, why not contact us today and begin your dental tourism adventure. We at Forest & Ray await you and will help you experience the best of Budapest—“The Pearl of the Danube” – while we remake your smile.

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