What are veneers?

There are many options to those who are not pleased with how their teeth look. You can change the colour and alignment of teeth, we all know that, but did you know you can change the way they look, their size and shape? Practically every aspect of the appearance of your teeth can be changed with the use of veneers. Read on to find out more about these awesome tools of aesthetic dentistry!

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Dental veneers

Veneers are a thin layer of tooth coloured porcelain that are designed to go over your teeth and project the colour, shape, size and characteristics of the tooth you want. The result is a beautiful, dazzling Hollywood smile, and indeed, one of the first patients of these now tried and true form of aesthetic dentistry were none other than Hollywood celebrities who need to have a perfect smile at all times. Think of them as a thin layer of a crown that is permanently adhered to your teeth.


Getting veneers is a routine and pain free dental treatment, but it is a commitment, and it is irrevocable. It also requires more than just one visit to the dentist.
Consultation: the first step to every dental treatment
Before getting veneers, the dentist and you need to get more acquainted; the dentist needs to know what it is exactly that you do not like about your teeth. This can sometimes be difficult to think of on the spot, so we suggest smiling in front of a mirror, and seeing which tooth exactly is bothering you, or what aspect of your smile you do not like, and going to the dentist with specific questions or requests.

Preparing the teeth for dental veneers

When you have consulted with the dentist and have discussed that this is in fact what you want to do, you will set up an appointment where you will go and have your teeth prepared for accepting veneers. This requires removing a thin layer of your tooth material and shaping your teeth for the veneers, and an impression of your teeth will be taken, so that the dental laboratory can make the veneers that are just perfect for your smile. In the interim period, you will have temporary veneers that will hold you over.

Handover, the final step to your new smile!

In 4-5 business days, your veneers will be done and ready to be placed on your teeth. First you will be asked to try them on, and if you like them, they will be quite permanently adhered to your teeth. And from that day on, you will enjoy the smile you always dreamt of, a dazzling, brilliant, radiant white gleam of perfect pearly white teeth!

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