Dental Tourism FAQ Part 2: Planning The Trip

Below,we list the important steps and a selection of the most useful advice to secure a safe and relaxing experience for you.

Dental Tourism FAQ Part 2: Planning The Trip

Dental Tourism FAQ Part 2: Planning The Trip


The first thing you will do is articulate your dental problem and what you would like to have done to solve it. Here, we can help by detailing the options which are available. You can help by letting us know if you have any special requirements. For some patients the most important factor is to finish the treatment in the shortest possible time, others have lots of time. Often the decision will hinge on the costs of the various treatment options, the flights, and your accommodations.
Costs will be estimated as there may be complicating factors. If you have x-rays or other pertinent information about your teeth problems, this will help to refine the estimates.
One cost, however, that you won’t have is the cost of the first consultation. That is because it is free.


Once you are comfortable with the discussion of treatment options and the estimated cost, it is time to plan your dental holiday. To do this you should determine from our patient care representative how many days you’ll need to spend for your dental treatment in Budapest and which dates would be the best for your dental treatment. You should get this sorted out at least a few weeks in advance. It will lessen your anxiety, lower your travel costs, and may avoid any unnecessary extra expenses later.

  • Next, book your flight tickets. See if we can be flexible (as well as you) as to the dates. This could result in your finding special deals to Budapest.

  • With flight tickets booked, you can choose your accommodation. Ask us about partner hotels with special rates for our patients. Let us help you with the arrangements or you can make the booking yourself.

  • Book your airport transfers for the day of your arrival. Ask us if airport pickup is available for your flight dates.

Dental Tourism FAQ Part 2: Planning The Trip

Dental Tourism FAQ Part 2: Planning The Trip


Looks like you are ready to visit Forest & Ray. But, not so fast, there are some things you should do to make the most of both your dental experience and your dental holiday.

  • Please be sure to bring any medical reports that may be relevant for your dental treatment, This includes CT scans, X-rays, blood test or allergy test results, and your list of medicines you regularly take.

  • Sounds trite but be sure to print all the pertinent treatment and lodging information as well as our phone number and address (Google Maps?). It will lessen your anxiety and may save valuable time.

  • Remember that Budapest is located in the CET zone which means –1 additional hour compared to Greenwich Time.  Make sure you are available on the phone during your entire stay. Be sure we have all YOUR contact data. As we may need to reach you to tell you important information regarding your treatment.

  • Be prepared to be flexible with your time schedule in Budapest as sometimes we may have a more desirable opening slot for you or, (sigh) move you back a bit.

  • In case you want to pay by bank card, check to make sure you have an available balance to cover unforeseen contingencies. Check with us beforehand if you want to settle the account with cash. Hungarian forints are always accepted.

  • Let us know immediately about any last-minute changes to your travel schedule which may preclude you from arriving at our clinic at the appointed time.


Though it may seem as though dental tourism to Budapest is a daunting project, rest assured it isn’t. You can relax because we have shepherded thousands of patients through the process. Just refer to the guidelines we’ve provided, take things a step at a time, and you’ll do fine. Forest & Ray is waiting to greet you at our state-of-the-art clinic in the heart of beautiful Budapest.

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