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  • Dental Tourism to Budapest: How To Best Plan Your Trip

Dental Tourism to Budapest: How To Best Plan Your Trip

Chances are you know someone or have heard about someone who visited the grand city of Budapest for dental care and is now proudly sporting a great new smile. Long popular for dental tourism with Brits, Canadians, Irish, and Americans, Budapest is now attracting tourists from neighboring Continental cousins such as the Germans, French, Austrians, and the Swiss. Regardless of your country of origin, a sound plan will ensure that you make the most of your great opportunity. 

Dental tourism to Budapest
How To Best Plan Your Dental Trip

First Things First

Begin your planning right at the source—by contacting and relying upon our dental clinic. Count on the dental tourism pros at Forest & Ray-Budapest to help you with every step of your planning. For an unforgettable dental holiday, we will also help you organize your free- time activities. After all, there are many attractions in this great city that you don’t want to miss. The myriad spas and nightspots ensure that the young, old, and in-between will be able to find something to interest them.

Is There A Partner Clinic At Home?

Check beforehand if our clinic has a partner clinic in your home country. Perhaps you could save some time (and expense) by having pre-dental work procedures, such as X-rays done at home and sent to our Budapest clinic. Speaking of planning, if your decision to have dental work occurs to you on the spur of the moment while in Budapest, you’d do well to book an appointment and allow a couple of days leeway unless, of course, it is an emergency. At Forest & Ray, we are equipped for such contingencies and stand ready and willing to accommodate you.

dental tourism
Dental tourism

Common Sense Planning Tips

  • Get an estimate! It is important for both your wallet and peace of mind to have an approximation of what your outlay will be. Alert us in advance if you are bringing your own X-rays. Next, determine your time parameters which will affect scheduling issues such as lodging and travel. And, when scheduling, remember that Budapest is on CET time.
  • Know your time requirements. Work or school commitments might come into play. Most treatments can be finished in less than a week, but we will need to know whether you want to go for a minimum stay or if you would like to enjoy a full week or longer in our beautiful city. It would help if we know your accommodation preferences.
  • Go ahead and schedule flights and lodging accordingly. This should be done after we’ve discussed your treatment options and the time-frame for the dental work. And, certainly, do inform us so we can tie-up any loose ends. Once flights are confirmed, we will handle the coordination of your stay, including office appointments and accommodation reservations.

Next Stop: Budapest!

Now, relax. Forest & Ray will guide you from here. Upon arrival in Budapest, you will be picked up in the airport by our contact person who will give you the welcome orientation on the way to the hotel or apartment. The contact person will take you from your hotel to the dentist for a consultation and the planning of your treatments. Our contact person will also be able to help you to enjoy the sights of Budapest outside the dental clinic.

Price: Free

Special dental offer for those who decide to travel!

The offer is valid until 31st of December, 2019.

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