Free Consultation

Special offer for our patients who decide to travel!

If you have decided to visit Hungary for a brand new smile, we will offer you a FREE CONSULTATION!

Free x-rays

Free first consultation with one of our expert dentists. A free but comprehensive treatment plan outlining the procedures that you will need, and the costs that they will entail.

How can you claim YOUR free consultation session?

Simply fill out the registration form on our website or book an appointment with one of our friendly customer care staff. Mention the fact that you are interested in travelling abroad, and they will make sure that your consultation does not cost a thing. If you can’t reach one of our multilingual customer care staff, just leave a message, and we will get right back to you. You can also write us an email at THIS email address!

What you can expect from Forest and Ray

Nothing but the highest-quality care, in every sense of the word. At Forest & Ray, we know that the success of the dental practice is based on two things: the skill of the staff, and the treatment of the patients. This is why we only work with the most highly skilled, highly trained medical staff and a remarkably patient-centric customer care staff. Our clinic is open well after office hours close, and we are open 7 days a week. Moreover, every day we keep a separate room open just for dental emergencies, to make sure that our patients never need to go anywhere else for dental treatment, whether in London or Budapest

Step 1: Consultation

In order to decide if dental treatment abroad is the best option for you, come in to our London dental practice for a free consultation. If it is established that travelling to Budapest for dental treatment is more worth your while, a treatment plan that takes this option into consideration will be typed up, and prices will be shown.

If you agree that this is a good option, we continue to phase 2.

Step 2: Booking your ticket

After finding a date and time that is suitable for you and your dentist, the next step is to book a flight and accommodation. We can help with any and all of these, and we can help you to book your accommodation and your flights well in advance, as tickets get more and more expensive as the departure date gets closer.

Step 3: Treatment

After you arrive, the rest of the day will be yours, and you can do as you please, get used to your new surroundings and get plenty of rest.

Step 4: After care

All aftercare is provided by the same doctor, but at our London dental practice. This is the only solution that makes sense, and the only way to make sure that everything is alright (particularly in a complex or long-running dental procedure), and that everything is going according to plan.

Our offer is for new patients only, and prior booking is required: walk-ins and emergency cases will not be offered a free consultation. A 16-hour cancellation policy applies, meaning that you must cancel within 16 hours, or we will charge you for not showing up. If you are unsuited to dental treatment abroad, the fees will apply, and the price of consultation will not be refunded.



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