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(Alpha-Bio implant)


£ 45


£ 49
CROWN - standard unit

CROWN - standard unit

Standard - Porcelain Fused to Metal
Replaces Crown of Missing Tooth
Also available in high aesthetic Zirconia

£ 547
IMPLANT ABUTMENT - standard unit

IMPLANT ABUTMENT - standard unit

Connects Dental Implant and Crown
Made of Titanium and specific to tooth
Also available in "brilliant white" Zirconia

£ 297
DENTAL IMPLANT - standard fixture

DENTAL IMPLANT - standard fixture

Placed into the Jawbone, Replaces Root
Made of Titanium, size and lenght varies
With 1 years warranty.
Not available without implant abutment

£ 597
  TOTAL £ 1441

Above you can check our very competitive London dental implant prices. Our dental implant packages in London are one of the best, as we have our own dental laboratory that allows us to save on dental crowns and bridges, meaning we can give our dental implant packages London for less than the average dental clinic in London. In case you cannot, or do not want to travel abroad just for dental treatment, come and visit us in the prestigious Bloomsbury neighbourhood in London, and see what we can do for you right here in the British capital!


Remember that consultations are a very important part of dental treatment. You can find out all about our dentist prices in London and Budapest, find out what we intend to do to fix your dental problems, and you get to check our final London dental prices, so there are no surprises or hidden fees. Even if dental treatment happens abroad, the consultations and aftercare that dental implants require will be given in London at our Bloomsbury dental practice.


Many dental treatments, and most serious ones require a dental x-ray to be taken. Our London dental clinic has its very own x-ray machine, so we can make panoramic x-rays, bitewings and single tooth dental x-rays as well.

Dental implants, dental implant abutments and dental crowns

We use Nobel Biocare dental implants at our London dental clinic, because they are versatile, tried and true, come with outstanding guarantees, can be used in a number of dental implant systems, and are well known throughout the world. We carry two kinds of dental crowns: standard porcelain fused to metal dental crowns, and zirconium porcelain dental crowns. Both are very aesthetic and look good, and both are made of porcelain. The internal structure is where the difference is: the basic makeup of the dental crown can either be standard surgical steel or zirconium oxide. Surgical steel will show up as black lines if a light is shown on them, but zirconium crowns remain totally hidden and play with light the way that natural, living teeth do.   


We accept all major credit and debit cards.

We accept all major credit and debit cards.
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